Homework 08/30/13: Complete analysis of the cartoon “vintage social networking”

02 Sep

The cartoon “vintage social networking” was drawn by John Atkinson and was published on the 31. March 2013 on the blog ““. It shows a usual desk with a lot of material on it which are labeled with the names of popular websites.

The pictures shows a desk in a room. There’s a lot of stuff on the desk, each piece is labeled different. So on the left side of the desk are two picture frames, which are labeled with the website names “Imgur” and “Instagram”, right next to them stands a globe with the caption “foursquare”. On the right of these things are a scratch pad memory, some sheets of paper and three post-its which stick on the edge of the table. These three things are labeled “LinkedIn”, “WordPress” and “Twitter”. On the shown wall is a pin board and a window next to it, which shows a nice weather outside, these are called “Pinterest” and “YouTube”. Under them, but also on the wall, is a small comic marked with “reddit”. In the middle of the desk is a address book that is called “Facebook”. On the right side of the desk are an old looking telephone and some craft supplies that are inscribed “Skype” and “Tumblr”.

The cartoon shows the replacement of normal things through media. It criticizes the rising use of media, which shifts the normal life more and more into the virtual world. The cartoon supports this message by showing the viewer every item that was replaced by a website.

I think that the cartoon is effective in getting the message to the target group (teens I think), because they directly face the problem each of them should know: that we become more and more dependent to the media. The effect on me was simply, to think about my consumption of media, and that I should probably reduce it and focus more on hobbies and other stuff in the “real life”.

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